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    Take a Virtual Walk on a Southern California Beach

    Cooped up in a corporate American cubicle?  Pooped out by professional pompousness, palaver, and paperwork?  Or do you just want a little glimpse of the beach you love so much.  You can have it right here at BeachAlert archives (coming soon).

    Caught up in the corporate/professional rat race?  This new extra-curricular feature relieves stress, while it entertains and relaxes you as you sit at your desk.  Let BeachAlert free your mind, increase your creativity, and give you a well-deserved "beach break." 

    Written in a style suitable for a precocious six-year-old with a dictionary, BeachAlert is nice and simple, so you can just relax and enjoy it and won't have to furrow your brow to figure out what it's trying to say. And it's nice and short, so the boss won't get mad if you read it at work. 

     If you are the boss, you must be really busy.  You can read BeachAlert really fast and then get right back to being really busy. 

    Work may feed the body, but going to the beach feeds the soul. 

    BeachAlert can help you get your head on straight before the chaos of the day sets in.  Do they have chaotic days where you are? If not, BeachAlert may not be for you. 

    But can you say "seagull," boys and girls?  If you can, then chill out for a minute, and let your mind fly free.  Take a virtual walk on the beach with BeachAlert.  Your body and mind will thank you. 


    Okay?  Okay.  See you at the beach. 

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    Sample issue above (used to be a weekly ezine).

    BeachAlert Archives coming soon.  OK, they're right here!

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