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    It's too short/long/curly/straight/fine/coarse/thick/thin.

    Everybody seems to want some other kind of hair than the kind they have. Must be part of the human condition.  Just another one of those things we've had to put up with ever since we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  Oh  well.  I guess if this weren't so, I'd be out of a job. 
    What we do is study the hair to see what it naturally does.  Then we design a style that makes it look good doing what it's going to do anyway. 

    What's your lifestyle like?  What kind of work do you do?  Do you have a dress code at your job?  How does humidity affect your hair?  How much time are you willing to spend on maintenance and upkeep?  Are there any special activities that need to be taken into consideration, like "musician with day job," or "professional woman who swims every day," or "actor auditioning for a part as a certain type of character," etc.? 

    Above all, we want a style that makes you look good.  Otherwise, what's the point?
    But you don't have to be somebody else in order to look good.  You can look good as yourself, and feel perfectly fine about it.  In my not so humble opinion, this approach -- completely aside from the benefit to your self-esteem -- is actually healthier for your hair, because if it looks good without too much fussing, then you won't always be mauling it around with blow driers and curling irons that can damage the hair when overused or used improperly. 

    This way, you end up with a style that looks good while it's growing out -- and fewer bad hair days.  Voila! 

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    I've got split ends/my hair is fried.

    Maybe somebody -- we're not mentioning any names -- used a blow drier or curling iron on it improperly, so it got over-exposed to the heat.  Or maybe it was over-processed with chemicals.  Or maybe you work outside in the sun.  Or just had a hard day at the beach. :-)   Or maybe you just haven't had a trim in a while. 
    On otherwise healthy hair, this is easily remedied.  We just trim a bit off the ends so it has its normal healthy look back again.  Sometimes, it also needs a deep conditioning treatment or two.  We have a special little conditioner that works wonders on all types of hair.  . 

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    I'm trying to grow my hair long, but it won't grow.

    Everybody's hair grows.  Here's proof.  Have you ever had color or perm in your hair?  After a while, the roots start to grow out, right?  So you know it's growing at the roots
    The trick is to keep it from breaking off at the ends

    Here's a tip:  When your hair gets long enough for a ponytail,  tie it up loosely on top of your head, so you're sleeping on the under side of your hair, not on the top layer or the ends, where the friction can rub weak spots into the hair, causing breakage.  Do this every night, and your hair will grow out longer, silkier, and with fewer "fuzzies" on the surface. 

    And find a hair cutter who's not scissors-happy.  (If you're in the greater Los Angeles area, that would be me.)  :-) 

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    Any other questions?  Just ask.  Email We're not always able to answer each question individually, but check back regularly for updates. We'll send you a nice prize if your question is used.
    Alrighty then!  Right this way to the virtual shampoo bowl.  (Not really.  Yet.  The virtual shampoo bowl is still under construction.) 

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