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News!  Now you can stream a yoga class -- or several -- from Yoga Works. Choose from over 700 classes. Sign up for a free trial at MyYogaWorks.com!

One of our clients, Louise Reichlin, is producing this year's San Pedro Tri Art Festival.  If you're in or near L.A. and looking for free family entertainment, you might want to check it out.  (I wrote a press release about it, which you can see here.)

(3) My yoga teacher has written a book, just recently published.  Here it is at amazon:

(4) New Service. For women who are into fitness, for a limited time I'm offering private yoga instruction on a donation basis. Hey, it's only fair to have a special deal for women too, since we have one for follicly challenged men! Please call for details: 323-662-9735.

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